Table 4

Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS), Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI) scores across study time points

VariablesWaitlist (n=32)Within-group effect sizeAcupuncture (n=96)Within-group effect sizeCombined (n=96)Within-group effect sizeAcupuncture versus waitlistCombined versus waitlistAcupuncture versus combined
Mean±SE*Mean±SE*Mean±SE*p Value†p Value†p Value†
 1 Week after treatment12.1±±0.71.578.1±0.63.530.610.200.19
 4 Weeks after treatment15.4±1.6−1.879.3±±‡0.005‡0.92
 13 Weeks after treatment9.6±0.91.498.8±
 1 Week after treatment10.0±1.0−0.118.0±±
 4 Weeks after treatment8.5±±±
 13 Weeks after treatment7.9±±
 1 Week after treatment70.5±2.2−0.2861.2±1.20.2560.9±1.2−0.020.002‡0.130.006‡
 4 Weeks after treatment69.2±2.2−0.1661.9±1.30.1960.8±1.3−
 13 Weeks after treatment63.5±1.40.0661.0±1.3−0.030.48
  • *Estimated mean and SE from linear mixed-effects model adjusted for last assessment time.

  • †P-value for group by time interaction using linear mixed-effects models.

  • ‡Remain significant on Bonferroni adjustment (p<0.05/3=0.017).