Table 1

Myocyte diameter, sarcomere length and numbers of taut bands and contracture knots

GroupsnNumbers of TBs palpatedNumbers of CKs per fieldMyocyte diameter (μm)Sarcomere length (μm)
CG282 (0.25±0.43)2 (0.5±0.89)40.43±0.55**Missed
4W824 (3.00±1.07)†7 (7.13±0.60)†44.73±9.50**1.92±0.08
8W821 (2.63±0.74)†6 (6.00±0.71)†45.77±8.70**1.53±0.06**
12W818 (2.57±0.54)†8 (7.65±0.86)†47.81±5.84**1.48±0.07**
  • **p<0.01 vs CG1.

  • †p<0.01 vs CG2.

  • Results are shown as total (mean±SD of eight samples) or mean±SD. NA, not applicable.

  • CG1 indicates normal control and CG2 indicates latent myofascial trigger spots; 4W, 8W, 12W, 4, 8, 12 weeks.

  • Sarcomere length was missed in CG2 because it is difficult to find the contracture knot.