Table 1

Characteristics of the included trials

StudyCountry (Period)Number of participantsAge (years)BMI (baseline)Duration of infertility (years)Acupuncture (type)ComparisonAcupuncture pointsNumber of sessionsRelevant outcomesAdverse events
Li et al15China (Jan 2009−Dec 2012)Acu: 102 Control: 98Acu: 31±5 Control: 31±5Acu: 23.36±6.40 Control: 23.33±3.58Acu: 4.36±3.16 Control: 4.69±3.41EANo interventionBL23, CV6, ST36, SP6, PC6 and Zigong>20CPR, OHSSNR
Altutunji16China (Mar 2011−Jul 2012)Acu: 33 Control: 69Acu: 28.03±3.70 Control: 27.97±4.03,Acu: 22.57±3.02 Control: 22.68±2.75Acu: 4.12±2.32 Control: 3.62±1.66MANo interventionCV3 + bilateral LR3, SP6, SP8, ST36, SP10, ST29 and LI48–12CPR, OPR, OHSSNR
Cui et al17China (Jan 2007−Dec 2008)Acu: 34 Control: 32Acu: 29.3±3.7 Control: 29.3±3.45Acu: 24.24±4.13 Control: 23.96±3.14Acu: 4.00±2.62 Control: 4.25±3.01EANo interventionCV4, CV3, SP6, KI3 and Zigong>20LBR, CPR, OPR, OHSSNR
Rashidi et al18Iran (Jun 2009−Sep 2010)Acu: 31 Control: 31Acu: 31.03±4.82 Control: 32.10±4.68Acu: 27.83±4.61 Control: 26.10±4.15Acu: 9.09±4.65 Control: 9.41±4.93EANo interventionFirst three sessions: LI4, SP6, LR3, CV4, GV20, ST36 and auricular points (ovary and uterus). Next two sessions: LR3, SP10, PC6, ST29 and auricular points (Shenmen)5CPR, OPRNR
  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • Acu, acupuncture; BMI, body mass index; CPR, clinical pregnancy rate; EA, electroacupuncture; LBR, live birth rate; MA, manual acupuncture, NR, not reported; OHSS, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome; OPR, ongoing pregnancy rate.