Table 2

Comparisons of the SSR, PPT and NMJR between the two groups at baseline

VariablePatients (n=20)Healthy volunteers (n=20)tp Value
Ipsilateral SSR latency (s)1.1±0.31.1±
Ipsilateral SSR amplitude (mV)2.5±1.41.4±
Contralateral SSR latency (s)1.2±0.31.1±
Contralateral SSR amplitude (mv)2.0±1.41.1±
PPT (kg/cm2)1.1±0.52.4±1.3−3.80.0001
NMJR (%)5.6±26.7−0.9±10.9 
  • p value<0.05 is significant.

  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • NMJR, neuromuscular junction response; PPT, pressure pain threshold; SSR, skin sympathetic response.