Table 3

Other factors associated with referral to acupuncture by rural and regional GPs in New South Wales, Australia (n=585)

FactorsReferral to acupuncturistp Value
Weekly or monthly, %Seldom or never, %
Level of knowledge
 Very good25.09.7
 Very poor2.311.3
Patients asked about CAM
 11% to 25%40.347.0
 26% to 50%9.55.4
Personal use
Never, but would consider13.312.4
 Never, and would not consider16.541.6
Access to medical specialists is a problem
Patient request for referral
Lack of other options
Positive results previously
Information from CAM practitioner?
Information from patients?
Belief in efficacy
Interested in increasing CAM knowledge?
Have prescribed CAM to patients
Comfort level
 Comfortable in general48.113.0<0.001
 Only in specific circumstances35.031.9
 Only if I knew them in person16.916.8
 I would not refer0.036.8
  • CAM, complementary and alternative medicine; GPs, general practitioners.