Table 4

Predictive factors for referral of patients by GPs to acupuncture at least once per month by rural and regional GPs in New South Wales, Australia (n=573)

FactorOR95% CI
 45–543.371.84 to 6.17
 >556.083.01 to 12.29
 Male0.340.19 to 0.62
RRMA category
 Remote0.160.05 to 0.53
Knowledge of acupuncture
 Poor or very poor1.00
 Satisfactory3.311.94 to 5.64
 Excellent or very good5.542.96 to 10.38
Do you use CAM for your own health?
 Once or a few times per year2.261.27 to 4.03
 Regularly or often2.371.31 to 4.31
Lack of other options
 Yes4.311.80 to 10.34
CAM practitioners a major source of information
 Yes3.051.53 to 6.07
Have prescribed CAM previously
 Yes2.991.76 to 5.07
  • CAM, complementary and alternative medicine; GPs, general practitioners; RRMA, Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Area.