Table 1

Changes of measured outcomes before and after treatment

BaselinePost-treatment3 months*6 months*
 Erectile function (0–30)14242928
 Orgasmic function (0–10)6999
 Sexual desire (0–10)4778
 Intercourse satisfaction (0–15)4121111
 Overall satisfaction (0–10)4888
 Total IIEF score (0–75)32606464
MYMOP (0–6)
 Symptom 14221
KDQOL-SF (0–100)
 Sexual function subscale2575100100
  • Higher scores reflect better clinical outcomes in any of IIEF scales and KDQOL-SF sexual function subscale, while vice versa in any of MYMOP subscales

  • Restrictions in social life

  • * Time points after the end of treatment

  • IIEF, International Index of Erectile Function Questionnaire; KDQOL-SF, Kidney Disease Quality of life-Short Form Questionnaire; MYMOP, Measure Your Medical Outcome Profiles Questionnaire.