Table 4

Frequencies of the meridians of the Liver, Spleen, Kidney and Stomach used on the patterns of the Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Damp and Blood, the mutual positive score and the κ, CI and the maximum κ value

MeridianAcu1 (n)Acu2 (n)Mutual positive scoreκκ (95% CI)Max κ
Liver merged pattern (n=49)
 Liver meridian4797
 Spleen meridian4067−0.10−0.19 to −0.010.35
 Kidney meridian47760.08−0.15 to 0.310.35
 Stomach meridian4540−0.15−0.27 to −0.020.25
Liver excess (n=45)
 Liver meridian4353
 Spleen meridian3724−0.11−0.20 to −0.010.35
 Kidney meridian43430.09−0.16 to 0.330.35
 Stomach meridian4128−0.16−0.29 to −0.030.25
Liver deficiency (n=5)
 Liver meridian555*
 Spleen meridian443−0.25−0.59 to 0.090.24
 Kidney meridian4330.55−0.16 to 1.26
 Stomach meridian443−0.25−0.59 to 0.090.24
Spleen deficiency (n=37)
 Liver meridian3755
 Spleen meridian3272
 Kidney meridian35650.07−0.17 to 0.310.31
 Stomach meridian3463−0.15−0.29 to −0.010.25
Kidney deficiency (n=30)
 Liver meridian2998−0.03−0.08 to 0.010.47
 Spleen meridian2381−0.12−0.25 to 0.020.31
 Kidney meridian2909
 Stomach meridian2730−0.16−0.30 to −0.020.29
Damp excess (n=14)
 Liver meridian1242
 Spleen meridian1141
 Kidney meridian1400
 Stomach meridian1309−0.13−0.35 to 0.090,27
Blood (n=12)
 Liver meridian1222*
 Spleen meridian1020
 Kidney meridian1198−0.14−0.37 to 0.080.29
 Stomach meridian777
Blood excess (n=8)
 Liver meridian888*
 Spleen meridian686
 Kidney meridian776−0.14−0.34 to 0.050.35
 Stomach meridian855
  • The blank fields show that the κ could not be calculated owing to the frequency distribution in the 2 × 2 matrices.

  • * 100% agreement;

  • one of the acupuncturists has used the meridian in all the cases diagnosed with the pattern.