Table 2

Distribution of the acupuncture points and reliability measures. The frequency of each acupuncturist's use of points, the mutual positive score, κ, CI and the maximum κ value

PointAcu1 (n)Acu2 (n)Mutual positive scoreκκ (95% CI)Max κ
The less used points
 LR131810.20−0.13 to 0.530.43
 KI13160−0.03−0.09 to 0.020.43
 PC6920−0.06−0.14 to 0.010.38
 KI78110.20−0.13 to 0.530.43
 GB343810.11−0.20 to 0.420.40
The most used points
 LR35174−0.08−0.16 to −0.010.39
 KI33885−0.16−0.40 to 0.090.18
 SP63559−0.02−0.25 to 0.220.23
Point used differently
 ST403151−0.12−0.28 to 0.060.09
 SP39850.02−0.17 to 0.220.17
 ST3617420.09−0.13 to 0.300.17
 SP94040.240.04 to 0.440.31
 LR8933−0.07−0.28 to 0.140.18
 CV427380.11−0.12 to 0.340.21
 SP1012830.15−0.15 to 0.440.34
 LI117730.08−0.16 to 0.330.29