Table 1

Frequencies of the merged traditional Chinese medicine patterns diagnosed by each acupuncturist, their mutual positive score, κ, CI and the maximum κ value

Patterns (n = 54)Acu1 (n)Acu2 (n)Mutual positive scoreκκ (95% CI)Max κ
Excess patterns
 Damp excess2127140.22−0.03 to 0.480.25
 Liver excess5147450.13−0.21 to 0.470.42
 Blood excess41980.06−0.04 to 0.170.09
 Full heat390−0.09−0.17 to −0.010.37
 Full cold660−0.13−0.20 to −0.010.37
Deficiency patterns
 Heart deficiency6320.4−0.02 to 0.820.45
 Blood deficiency3510.19−0.22 to 0.610.44
 Spleen deficiency46270.15−0.15 to 0.440.34
 Liver deficiency11050.08−0.17 to 0.330.25
 Kidney deficiency4470−0.01−0.26 to 0.230.25
 Empty heat1230−0.10−0.19 to -0.000.33
 Empty cold040
Merged patterns
 Liver51190.30−0.21 to 0.800.46
 Heat15250.16−0.12 to 0.450.20
 Blood42220.150.04 to 0.260.13
 Cold6020.13−0.18 to 0.430.40