Table 2

Cold pressor tolerance (CPT) before (CPT1) and after intervention or control period (CPT2)

Intragroup comparisonControl groupTest groupSham group
CPT1: mean (s)112.9 (±61.2)133.8 (±96.9)106.9 (±70.8)
CPT2: mean (s)123.2 (±65.5)177.3 (±111.4)122.2 (±75.7)
(CPT2/CPT1)*100 (%)108.6 (±15.6)144.8 (±37.2)119.7 (±34.7)
p Value for change0.04250.00160.0756
Minimum change (%)88.9104.061.5
Maximum change (%)147.7209.7190.5
Decreased % (n)302
Intergroup comparisonCG vs TGCG vs SGTG vs SG
p Value0.00430.28550.1009
  • Control group (CG): 30 min between the 2 measures Test group (TG): measures before and after traditional acupuncture Sham group (SG): measures before and after sham acupuncture.