Table 2

HRV and symptom outcomes temporal trends

Baseline*Slope per week*p Value for slope
HRV outcomes
 During acupuncture41.8−3.370.024
Menopausal symptoms
 Hot flashes1.92−0.3400.0003
 Heart palpitations0.77−0.1560.0314
 Sexual dysfunction1.71−0.2270.0029
 Bladder dysfunction0.93−0.1280.0273
 Vaginal dryness1.18−0.1720.0009
 Musculoskeletal pain1.39−0.1740.0190
 Global distress5.27−0.5780.0001
  • High frequency spectral power as a percent of high frequency plus low frequency spectral power

  • * Estimates from linear regression over the study period

  • Scale 0–4, except Global Distress 0–10.