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published between 2013 and 2016

  • Comment: Ultrasonography in acupuncture: potential uses for education and research
    Jason Lie

    Dear editor,

    I read Leow et al's article on Ultrasonography in acupuncture: potential uses for education & research 1 with interest.

    I am a consultant anaesthetist with an interest in regional anaesthesia & am certified in Medical Acupuncture by British Medical Acupuncture Society in the United Kingdom. I use ultrasound (US) regularly in my daily practice for both central neuraxial blocks (CNBs)...

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  • E-Letter for this article
    Charles Yeo Pheng Nam

    Dear Editor I would like to congratulate the authors on the publication of their article on the effect of laser acupuncture on blood glucose.1 I found it to be intriguing as I have serendipitously noticed my diabetic patients' glucose control improved after dry needling for other non- diabetic indications. I am interested to try using laser instead of dry needling for needle phobic patients. May I ask two questions regardin...

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    MARCO ROMOLI, Via Giolica di Sopra 21, 59100 - PRATO (Italy) markro@tin.it tel. 0039 3288603161 fax 0039 (0) 574 574129

    Keywords: Obesity, Blood Glucose, Electroacupuncture, Auricular electroacupuncture

    Word count: 258

    Comment on Immediate effect of three different electroacupuncture protocols on fasting blood glucose in obese patients: a pilot study. Maria Belivani et al., Acupunct Med 2014;...

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  • Acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis: reply by Hinman et al still denies real benefits for patients
    Adrian R White

    We thank Hinman and her colleagues for their considered reply to our letter. We accept that our approach was more informal than their response, but in our defence, we were writing originally for the audience of a general journal, rather than for methodologist and statisticians.

    The main point we wished to make concerns the decision to power a study without any reference to previous literature or pilot data within...

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  • A New Generation of Needle Delivery Systems.
    John D Stan
    I want to thank the authors for bringing this issue out in the open and present the challenges inherent in using long or longer thin needles. In general there seems to be a wide range of "behind closed doors" behavior for clinicians when it comes to inserting long or thin and longer needles. These behaviors range from standard WHO Clean Needle Practices which involve using a sterile swab to stabilize the shaft, to clear disregard...
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  • This will make acupuncture easier and safer.
    Max Forrester

    Dear Sir, What a great idea for acupuncture practice. This will improve patient safety and practitioner satisfaction when needling with longer needles. I can see practice changing for the better, particularly needling GB 30! Dr Max Forrester UK

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    None declared

  • Dry Needlers Gone Wild
    Evan Mahoney

    This is a case of 'dry needlers gone wild'. Dry needling should only be practised on thick muscle tissue. It is a completely inappropriate technique for thin muscle or cartilage area. I believe this is evidence of dry needling ineptitude, a result of overzealous needling. I think this shows little regard for patient safety or comfort. The instructor should have shown restraint and known better than to perform this dangerous t...

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  • Re:Worst Infection Control Ever
    Andrew Whitelaw

    Hygiene is very important.

    As important or more important, than hygeine, is not piercing the organs- - especially the lung. Every student of acupuncture is taught never to needle the thorax in a perpendicular angle.

    Medical Doctors have high insurance rates, because it is common for them to injure patients. Not so for licensed acupuncturist (LACs) whose liability coverage cost is comparatively miniscule....

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  • Re:To whom it may concern
    Yi M. Xie

    The images of the needle tips shown in the paper had a magnification of 5000 times. At such a high magnification, any needle would show some "defects", not just the acupuncture needles examined in this study. One could easily find scanning electron microscope (SEM) images on the Internet of commonly used hypodermic needles which look just as awful, or even more frightening, when the magnification goes beyond 1000.

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  • Re: Worst Infection Control Ever
    Mike Cummings

    Infection control is of course an important aspect of safe practice in acupuncture and dry needling.

    The British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS) does not recommend the use of gloves for acupuncture: it is not easy to see how gloves confer an advantage to either the patient or the practitioner in the absence of sufficient blood to form a droplet that might come into contact with a nail bed, and hence expose th...

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