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Huang Q-M, Lv J-J, Ruanshi Q-M, et al. Spontaneous electrical activities at myofascial myofascial trigger points at different stages of recovery from injury in a rat moel. Acupunct Med 2014;33:319–324.

The legends for figures 1 and 2 were transposed in error. Figures 1 and 2 should have appeared as follows:

Figure 1

Examples of five different types of myoelectrical signals from muscle fibres of control and/or experimental groups.

Figure 2

Representative electromyography (EMG) recordings acquired from muscle fibres under resting conditions for approximately 5 min in the control group (CG) and experimental groups (EGs) with 4, 8 and 12-weeks recovery periods (EG-4w, EG-8w and EG-12w groups, respectively): (A) normal muscle fibres of CG showing absence of EMG activity; (B) taut bands (TBs) of CG showing sparse EMG activity; (C) TBs of EG-4w illustrating dense EMG activity; (D) TBs of EG-8w demonstrating intermediate EMG activity; (E) TBs of EG-12w also showing intermediate EMG activity.

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