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Cornejo-Garrido J, Becerril-Chávez F, Carlín-Vargas G, et al. Antihyperglycaemic effect of laser acupuncture treatment at BL20 in diabetic rats. Acupunct Med 2014;32:486–494

Unfortunately the description of the laser settings detailed in the first paragraph of the subsection entitled ‘Laser acupuncture treatment (650 and 980nm) at BL20’ on page 2 contained some errors and missing information, and should read as follows:

Stimulation with laser acupuncture at BL20 was applied every other day up to a total of 12 sessions over 28 days under one of two conditions with the following parameters: (1) wavelength 650nm, output power 7mW, frequency 10,000Hz, duration 3 min bilaterally, energy density 6.84 J/cm2; or (2) wavelength 980nm, output power 50mW, frequency 4,000Hz, duration 1 min bilaterally, energy density 6.64 J/cm2; using an Acupoint 2045D (Acupoint, Mexico) with a gallium arsenide diode and two types of laser pointer pen: 650nm/7mW and 980nm/50mW respectively, each with a 4mm aperture diameter. The treatment area and average power of the laser were 0.9 cm2 and 50%, respectively.

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