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BMAS Electroacupuncture—theory and practiceEmbedded Image
The popular 1-day course with comprehensive presentations and demonstrations and a half-day practical session. AS Super 4 Digital (illustrated) included with course fee. Led by Mike Cummings
Date:21 November 2012
BMAS Points Practical Courses Embedded Image
These courses follow a rolling programme of 4 days, focussing on practical needling of particular regions of the body. A selection of the 4 days will be covered over 1 year. The 4 days cover the core skills training for the Diploma of Medical Acupuncture (DipMedAc). Other self-directed study is required to cover the knowledge and research base for the DipMedAc.
Lower LimbLondonLumboglutealLondon
Date:24 October 2012Date:2 May 2013
Shoulder and ArmLondonHead and NeckLondon
Date:15 November 2012Date:21 November 2013

BMAS Back Pain CourseEmbedded Image
NICE guidelines for the treatment of low back pain include a course of acupuncture. In response to the guidelines the BMAS is offering a course for acupuncturists focussing on the assessment, treatment and management of back pain. A 1-day course consisting of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions. Led by Mike Cummings and Jens Foell.
Location:London WC1
Date:21 November 2012
BMAS Autumn Meeting 2012Embedded Image
We have allsorts on offer so take the opportunity to update yourself on the latest acupuncture research, network with colleagues, earn CPD hours; dip in and enjoy the mixture.
BMAS offers a full day of lectures and discussions, with distinguished international lecturers covering cutting edge research and developments in medical acupuncture.
For full details see the announcement in this journal or visit the BMAS website
Location:Royal Society, London SW1
Date:24 November 2012

BMAS Acupuncture and Women's HealthEmbedded Image
Presented by Lisa Stener-Victorin
A specialist day focussing on acupuncture and fertility/gynaecology. Topics include: anovulation and polycystic ovary syndrome; vasomotor symptoms; pelvic pain during pregnancy; acupuncture and assisted reproduction therapy.
Location:London WC1
Date:11 February 2013

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Full details of all courses and meetings may be obtained from the BMAS Administrative Office:

Telephone: 01606 786782. Fax: 01606 786783



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