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Electroacupuncture for secondary myofascial pain from iliopsoas

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The image shows the application of electroacupuncture in the treatment of secondary myofascial pain from iliopsoas. This 33-year-old lady had recurrent knee pain diagnosed as hip dysplasia for which she had four hip operations culminating in a resurfacing procedure. One year later, the knee pain recurred, and it was reproduced by pressure on a (secondary) myofascial trigger point in iliopsoas. It responded immediately to treatment. For a full description, see Cummings M. Referred knee pain treated with electroacupuncture to iliopsoas. Acupunct Med 2003; 21(1–2):32–35.

Image and text provided by Mike Cummings

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Correction: the Image of acupuncture in the previous issue (March 2011) was kindly provided by Jane (not Janet) Hunter.

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