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National and international meetings

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BMAS Spring Meeting in collaboration with the Irish Medical Acupuncture Society includes Acupuncture and Women's Health with Lisa Stener Victorin

Location: Dublin

Date: 6th–8th May 2011

BMAS Electroacupuncture – theory and practice

Location: Dublin

Date: 23rd May 2011

Location: Glasgow

Date: 2nd September 2011

Location: London

Date: 23rd November 2011

AS Super 4 Digital – included with course fee

BMAS Back Pain Course

Location: London SW3

Date: 15th April 2011

Location: London WC1

Date: 9th September 2011

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Led by Mike Cummings and Jens Foell

Further details

Further details of all meetings may be obtained from the BMAS Administrative Office, or online: Telephone: 01606 786782. Fax: 01606 786783

Email: admin{at}


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