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A tale of two foxes - case reports: 1. Radial nerve paralysis treated with acupuncture in a wild fox 2. Acupuncture in a fox with aggressive and obsessive behaviour
  1. Lorena Lloret, veterinary acupuncturist1,
  2. Simon Hayhoe, medical acupuncturist2
  1. 1
    Colchester, UK
  2. 2
    Anaesthetic Department, Essex County Hospital, Colchester, UK
  1. lorenlloret{at}


Case 1 This is believed to be the first report of acupuncture treatment for traumatic radial nerve paralysis in a wild fox. From the first treatment, improvement in the range of mobility and sensation of the limb was evident. Additionally, the attitude of this wild animal changed from fear and aggression to complete cooperation: he lay peacefully during every treatment in a calm, drowsy state.

Case 2 This reports the calming effects of acupuncture on a fox which had been showing aggressive behaviour and obsessive circling following toxoplasma infection.

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