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Myofascial pain from pectoralis major following trans-axillary surgery
  1. Mike Cummings, medical director
  1. BMAS, medical-director{at}


    This is the first reported description, to the author’s knowledge, of myofascial pain occurring at a surgical drain site. The patient consulted a medical acupuncturist after suffering five months of continuous chest and arm pain associated with ‘tingling’ in the forearm and hand. She had undergone trans-axillary resection of the first left rib following a left axillary vein thrombosis 18 months previously. Her symptoms had been principally attributed to nerve traction at surgery or nerve root entrapment from scar tissue. However, the drain passed through the free border of pectoralis major, and the myofascial trigger point that appeared to develop as a result of the muscle trauma, or the pain at that site, presented as a chronic and complex post-surgical pain problem. The pain and tingling resolved completely after two sessions of dry needling at a single myofascial trigger point in the free border of the left pectoralis major muscle.

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