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Acupuncture treatment of pain dysfunction syndrome after dental extraction
  1. Palle Rosted, consultant acupuncturist; senior lecturer1,2,
  2. Viggo Jørgensen, specialist in general practice3
  1. 1
    Weston Park Hospital, Sheffiled
  2. 2
    Sheffield University, England
  3. 3
    Thyborøn, Denmark
  1. Prosted{at}


A successful treatment with acupuncture of a patient with Pain Dysfunction Syndrome is presented. The patient developed restricted mouth opening after removal of a third molar in the lower jaw. Despite orthodox treatment no improvement was noticed after three months, and his general practitioner was contacted. After two acupuncture sessions the patient felt normal and the jaw movement was within the normal range. A follow-up four weeks after the first treatment showed a further increase in the jaw movement. If restricted movement in the temporomandibular joint occurs after operative procedures in the mouth, acupuncture should be considered at an early stage.

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