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Effect of acupuncture on knee function in advanced osteoarthritis of the knee: a prospective, non-randomised controlled study
  1. Abhay Tillu, staff surgeon1,
  2. Sumedha Tillu, GP registrar2,
  3. Sarah Vowler, statistician3
  1. 1
    Orthopaedics department, Bedford Hospital, Bedford
  2. 2
  3. 3
  1. abtillu{at}


We report a prospective controlled trial, comparing acupuncture with no treatment, in patients with advanced osteoarthritis of the knee awaiting total knee replacement. Knee function was assessed at the beginning of study and at the end of two months, using four parameters: HSS score, time to walk 50 metres, time to climb 20 steps, and degree of pain. Acupuncture was given at four local points around the knee and at one distal point. The acupuncture group improved in all parameters, whereas the control group deteriorated, a finding that was highly statistically significant (p<0.0002). Further randomised-controlled trials with longer follow-up are required to confirm these findings.

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