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An audit of the impact of introducing microacupuncture into primary care
  1. Juliette Ross, general practioner
  1. Wembley, Middlesex, Juliette.Ross{at}


    In 1997, one of the partners in a general practice in NW London comprising 6700 patients began using microacupuncture - a very brief form of treatment described by Felix Mann. The computer system used for patient records was modified to allow easy recording of details of acupuncture treatments; the latter being performed opportunistically in standard 10-minute consultations. Over the course of three years, during which time a second partner began using acupuncture, referrals to acute physiotherapy (conditions present for < 3 months) fell by 86%, and referrals to outpatient rheumatology fell by 51%. This is likely to represent a considerable cost saving to the NHS.

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