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Clinical applications of the Zulinqi acupuncture point
  1. Pang Jun1,
  2. Li Yu-shun1,
  3. Huang Bo-ling1,
  4. Zhou Yu-yan1,
  5. Han Zhi-yong2,
  6. Faye Richardson3
  1. 1
    Nanjing TCM Hospital, China
  2. 2
    Shaanxi College of Finance & Economics, China and Chinese Radio Studio Team, Zanzibar
  3. 3
    Phase-Out Projects, Zanzibar, Tanzania
  1. P.O. Box 1421, Zanzibar, Tanzania Email: phaseout{at}


The Zulinqi acupuncture point (GB.41), on the dorsal surface of the foot, is reported traditionally to be effective for treating disorders that occur along the course of the Gall bladder channel. The authors describe its beneficial use in five, widely differing indications and give supporting case histories. The indications discussed are: metatarsal fracture, bruised finger, headache, pain in the hypochondrium, and abdominal Herpes zoster. Its use in these cases is shown to illustrate four important principles of treatment: select lower points for upper diseases, use points on the right for symptoms on the left and vice versa, restrict needling to few but effective points, and apply one point to many purposes.

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