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Acupuncture after alcohol consumption: a sham controlled assessment
  1. Heidi Thorer,
  2. Nadia Volf
  1. Le Rocher, 85300 Soullans, Vendee, France


The effects of two different traditional acupuncture point combinations and a sham point were compared in 35 healthy volunteers 20 minutes and 2 hours after a single draught of 40% alcohol (1ml/kg body weight). Clinical measurement, using tests of equilibrium and orientation, and specific tests of the metabolism and elimination of alcohol, formed the basis of this comparison.

The results are statistically significant (P<0.05). A needle in the sham point produced no measurable effect compared to the non acupuncture control. After both traditional acupuncture point combinations, observing all the measured parameters, the clinical effects of alcohol intoxication were minimised, while the alcohol level in the expired air was increased and the blood alcohol decreased.

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