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Koryo hand acupuncture: a versatile and potent acupuncture microsystem
  1. Patrick Magovern, Family Practice and Pain Management
  1. Suite 204 Metropointe, 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5H 4M4


    Koryo Hand Acupuncture (KHA) is an acupuncture microsystem analogous to ear acupuncture. Unlike other acupuncture microsystems, however, there is a full meridian system including the Conception Vessel and Governing Vessel and also the extraordinary meridians. Each of the KHA micromeridians are lettered and correspond to one of the body meridians (Figure 1).

    One can treat a wide range of problems using this modality and it is possible in many cases to administer treatment without use of needles.

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