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Treatment of lichen ruber planus with acupuncture
  1. Emil Iliev
  1. Medical Academy, Institute of Dermatology, Dept of Acupuncture and Laser Therapy, G. Sofiiski Str. 1, Sofia 1431, Bulgaria


    The standard treatment of Lichen ruber planus is with steroids, so any effective, alternative treatment is to be welcomed. A previous controlled trial of acupuncture in this disease had demonstrated its efficacy. This report is of a series of 57 patients treated over a 5 year period. Full relief of symptoms was achieved in 31.6% following a single course of 15 acupuncture sessions over 3 weeks. The remaining patients were given a second course of acupuncture after which 85.9% success was reported. The points used in treatment were determined by the causative factors of the disease in each patient and additional electroacupuncture was given where severe itching was a symptom.

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