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The clinical and physiological foundation of auricular acupuncture therapy in patients with hypertensive disease
  1. P Ja Gaponjuk,
  2. T Ju Sherkovina
  1. Scientific Medical Centre of Physioreflexotherapy, 14 1-ja Tverskaja-Jamskaja str, ap 5, 125047, Moscow, Russia


    The haemodynamic influence of each of 16 pairs of auricular acupuncture points was studied in 104 hypertensive patients who were classed according to circulation type. Changes in heart rate, stroke output and peripheral vascular resistance were measured, so that the degree of change could be charted for each acupuncture point. It became clear that certain groups of ear points induced a fall in blood pressure by influencing change in one or more of these cardiac parameters.

    The ear has a particularly rich nerve supply derived from several cranial and upper cervical nerves and it is possible to explain the hypotensive action of specific groups of acupuncture points by reference to their innervation. The most effective auricular acupuncture points for hypertensive patients of each circulation type can thus be accurately predicted.

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