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Laterality in acupuncture
  1. Palle Rosted
  1. 200 Abbey Lane, Sheffield S8 OBU


    Two hundred patients (100 male, 100 female) were tested by stimulation bilaterally at the Liver 3 acupuncture points (Taichong) to find if there was a relationship between right or left handedness and the side of greater sensation during stimulation. No relationship was found, but overall there was a greater sensitivity on the left in 69.5% of subjects.

    Twenty patients (10 male and 10 female) were selected and tested both at Liver 3 and with electro-acupuncture to both ears. A clear relationship was found between the side of greater sensitivity at Liver 3 and the more sensitive ear to electro-stimulation. It is suggested that bilateral testing of Liver 3 could be a useful guide to the selection of the side for treatment in auriculo-therapy.

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