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Acupuncture induced anaesthesia: fiction or fact?
  1. Christopher K M Wong
  1. House Physician, Royal United Hospital, Bath
  1. 23 Robert Street, Cathays, Cardiff CF2 4PB


This study was conducted over a five week period in Shanghai Medical University. It is an observa­tional study to determine any real effects resulting from acupuncture induced anaesthesia. Patients were interviewed before, during and after operation. Visual analogue scale was used for estimating the amount of pain pre-, per- and post-operatively. Blood pressure and heart rate measurements were used as a guide to sympathetic system response to pain. The results show definite analgesic effects from acupuncture induced anaesthesia: 21.43% with complete pain free state throughout operation; 57.14% experienced mild painful episodes during operation and 21.43% expressed severe pain.

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