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Longtime treatment of headache in national health centre
  1. Seppo Y T Junnila
  1. Medical Manager, Salo District Health Care Center, Sairaalantie 9, SF-24130 Salo, Finland


    The effectiveness of acupuncture for use in the prophylaxis and treatment of chronic headache in patients at a national health care centre was evaluated by means of an eight year long follow-up study. 88 female and 27 male patients were interviewed after a two to eight year long period of acupuncture treatments. 18% of the patients felt the treatment ineffective and one patient reported an increase of the symptoms. In total 74% of patients got more than 30% relief of symptoms which lasted on an average 22 months. 75% of patients who had used analgesics before acupuncture could reduce the dose by more than 50%.

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