Acupunct Med 32:201 doi:10.1136/acupmed-2013-010514
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Just to be sure

  1. Terje Alraek
  1. Correspondence to Dr T Alraek, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Health Science, National Research Centre in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NAFKAM, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø 9037, Norway; terje.alrak{at}
  • Received 19 December 2013
  • Accepted 7 January 2014
  • Published Online First 24 January 2014

I read with interest the recently published online article by Hasegawa et al.1 It was the title which first triggered my interest, including the phrase ‘double blind’. Wow, a double blinded study on acupuncture! This is of course the ‘highest’ level of research one can achieve in randomised controlled trials, and consequently highly appreciated among acupuncture researchers. However, it has been impossible to blind practitioners in acupuncture studies, as it is for other complex interventions (eg, psychotherapy and manual therapies). While …