Acupunct Med 28:154-155 doi:10.1136/aim.2010.002469
  • Case report

Temporomandibular dysfunction can contribute to aggravation of tension-type headache: a case report

  1. Mads Bundgaard
  1. Department of Oncology, Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Palle Rosted, Böshult 4377, S-285 93 Markaryd, Sweden; prosted{at}
  • Accepted 22 July 2010


A 15-year-old girl, who had had occasional tension-type headache, developed, rather suddenly and without any obvious reason, severe headache. She was admitted to hospital, where examination including CT and magnetic resonance scans did not show any abnormality. A visit to her own general practitioner 7 months later showed tenderness in the muscle of mastication. The patient was referred to a dentist, who diagnosed temporomandibular dysfunction and tension-type headache. After three acupuncture treatments, the patients was without headache and remained free of headache during the following 6 months.


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  • Accepted 22 July 2010