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Pedicle torsion of ovarian cyst and acupuncture – a case report
  1. Fan Qu, acupuncturist herbalist,
  2. Jue Zhou, researcher
  1. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine Harbin, China
  1. qufan43{at}


A case history is reported of a patient who presented with acute pedicle torsion in a left ovarian cyst, which had been diagnosed seven months previously. The diagnosis was established by sonography. She declined surgery for personal reasons, and was treated with acupuncture. Her pain was successfully relieved, and she continued to be observed. The acupuncture was repeated daily for 15 days, after which time repeat sonography showed reduction in size of the cyst, and no torsion of the pedicle. No relapse had occurred at 16 months follow up.

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