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Electroacupuncture in the treatment of a ganglion of the wrist – a case report
  1. İbrahim Tekeoğlu, assistant professor,
  2. Ali Doğan, associate professor
  1. University of Yüzüncü, Yıl, Van, Turkey
  1. tekeibrahim58{at}


A ganglion is a cystic swelling that occurs most commonly in women. Recurrence is possible after conservative or surgical treatment. A novel method of therapy, electroacupuncture stimulation, was performed in a 53 year old woman with a large, recurrent dorsal wrist ganglion. After treatment it rapidly disappeared and there was no recurrence during the one year follow-up period. Although the mechanism is obscure, it is our impression that electroacupuncture may have a local action on such cysts in addition to needle drainage.

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