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Guidelines for case reports of adverse events related to acupuncture
  1. Elmar Peuker, senior lecturer,
  2. Timm Filler, senior lecturer
  1. Department of Anatomy, University of Muenster, Germany
  1. e-peuker{at}


Numerous case reports of adverse events of acupuncture have been published, mostly in journals which are not related to acupuncture. The authors usually have no training in acupuncture. In principle, case reports on adverse events are of value as an aid for learning. They can only achieve this effect if useful information is provided. In the case of acupuncture related adverse events and complications, basic information about the patient and the therapist as well as the treated acupuncture points and topographical regions and the needling technique are desirable. This article offers suggestions on what details should be included in a case report on adverse events related to acupuncture.

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