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Preparing a poster
  1. Adrian White, senior lecturer1,
  2. Leon White, graphic designer2
  1. 1
    Complementary Medicine, Institute of Health and Social Care Research, Peninsula Medical School, Exeter, UK
  2. 2
    Bath, UK
  1. adrian.white{at}


Well prepared posters are an effective means to communicate a simple message and stimulate discussion. A good poster requires considerable effort in identifying the vital ingredients and rejecting any superfluous material. The conventional structure for papers and abstracts is a suitable basis for posters on many subjects, with modification if necessary. Suitable topics include clinical trials, surveys, qualitative studies and case reports. Suggestions are made for contents that should be considered for each section. Careful planning of size, shape, flow and content will save time in preparation, and several technical graphical points are made, which may improve the attractiveness and readability of the poster.

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