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High frequency ozone therapy based on acupuncture systematics
  1. Richard Umlauf
  1. Fügnerova 35, CZ-613 00 Brno, Czech Republic


    After witnessing a dramatic demonstration of pain relief following High Frequency Ozone Therapy (HFOT) at a medical conference in Germany the author reports on his use of the treatment in 500 cases. Pain relief was the reason for 76.4% of treatments. The condition of no patient in the 500 worsened following therapy, and 18 patients suffering from malignant disease all obtained beneficial symptomatic relief.

    The High Frequency Ozone Therapy apparatus uses a variety of electrodes ranging from simple probes to elaborate brush or comb devices for application directly on the skin surface or aerially above it. Treatment is most effective if given through a layer of natural textile (wool or cotton). Stimulation through synthetic material, however, may provoke pain.

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