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Factors that influence outcome: an evaluation of change with acupuncture
  1. Hugh MacPherson,
  2. Mike Fitter
  1. Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, 122 A Acomb Road, York YO2 4EY (UK)


    To evaluate change resulting from treatment by acupuncture, a multi-centre study of outcomes was undertaken involving 7 practitioners and 58 patients. The SF-36 was used for a base-line measure of health status. Assessment of outcomes was made using a number of measures. The results showed benefits from acupuncture which started to level off after the first seven treatments. Neither age nor gender of the patient is related to either initial ill health or rate of recovery. Statistically significant results showed that patients with more severe initial conditions, particularly bodily pain, tended to make more rapid improvements. The results also suggest that the shorter the duration of the patient's condition, the more rapid the recovery.

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