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An investigation into the possible additive effects of acupuncture and autogenic relaxation in the management of chronic pain
  1. M El Rakshy, Consultant anaesthetist,
  2. C Weston, Consultant psychologist
  1. Scunthorpe General Hospital, Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe, South Humberside DN15 7BH (UK)


This randomised, controlled trial investigates the use of concomitant relaxation during acupuncture treatment for pain. Twenty seven patients attending an out-patient acupuncture clinic with chronic pain of various origins were asked to listen to a tape either of music or of autogenic relaxation suggestions during acupuncture treatment. Measurements pre and post treatment were taken of perceived pain, and comparisons between the two tape uses and a no tape group was made. Whilst no significant difference was found between the methods, a trend towards benefit from the use of an autogenic relaxation tape during acupuncture treatment was shown. Further research is planned.

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