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Auricular diagnosis and therapy for alopecia: patient data analysis
  1. Emil Iliev
  1. Department of Dermatology, Medical University, G Sofiiski Str. 1, Sofia 1431, Bulgaria


    It has been reported that tenderness at a specific point on the ear indicates pathology at a corresponding area of the body. The author has used this relationship to investigate patients with alopecia and to provide a rapid indication for the cause of their hair loss. Where possible this diagnosis was confirmed by conventional investigation. It was found that out of 521 patients examined, almost every one had a different combination of tender ear points, but that different specific groups of ear points were found routinely in the majority of patients in each of three categories of alopecia. The author suggests that when auricular acupuncture is used to treat alopecia, points should be selected from the tender spots found, rather than from a standard list of recommended points.

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