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Economic aspects of tender spot injection therapy
  1. IHJ Bourne, General practitioner
  1. Hornchurch, Essex
  1. c/o The Editor, Acupuncture in Medicine, Newton House, Newton Lane, Whitley, Warrington, Cheshire (UK) WA4 4JA


One partner of a four man general practice in Essex used injection therapy to tender spots for musculo-skeletal pain. In a financial audit it was found that the prescription costs for this doctor were significantly less than the average for the other partners. It is speculated that the savings were due to effective elimination of musculo-skeletal pain by tender spot injection, thus reducing the need for analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication in these patients. If one doctor in every group practice nationwide were to adopt a similar, effective technique for treating musculo-skeletal pain, extrapolation of the savings to this practice suggest a national saving in excess of £95 million per year.

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