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Experience of modified yamamoto scalp acupuncture with simultaneous rehabilitation and soft-laser therapy in children with cerebral palsy
  1. Richard Umlauf
  1. Fügnerova 35, 613 00 BRNO, Czech Republic


    This is an account of methods developed in Czechoslovakia for the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy. Fifty eight children have been treated using a combination of scalp acupuncture, soft laser therapy and intensive exercise. The acupuncture acts as an analgesic and muscle relaxant thus allowing both passive and active exercises to be practised more effectively. Scalp acupuncture is more practical than body acupuncture as the needles are well out of the way and do not interfere with muscular movement. The neurological benefits are not confined to the development of more normal physical capacity, but extend also to an improvement in mental ability.

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