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Introduction of a new therapy method: music sound electroacupuncture stimulation
  1. İbrahim Tekeoğlu
  1. University of Yüzüncü Yil, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Van, Turkey


    Music is an increasingly popular means of enhancing pain relief and suppression of anxiety in a variety of painful situations. The author has used a device that delivers an electrical stimulation to acupuncture needles (electroacupuncture) that is frequency modulated by the sound of classical music being played to the patient.

    In a randomised controlled trial, patients with migraine or cervical tension headache were divided into two groups (25 each). One group received standard electroacupuncture at 100Hz while the other had music sound electroacupuncture stimulation. Pain levels were scored by the patients on a five point scale. Analgesia obtained by the standard electroacupuncture group was statistically significant (P<0.01). That obtained by the music sound electroacupuncture group was highly significant (P<0.001).

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