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For discussion: the non-existent acupuncture point?
  1. Anthony Campbell
  1. Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London


    The concept of traditional points located on meridians as the basis of acupuncture treatment has been challenged. As an alternative, medical acupuncturists have embraced the use of trigger points with enthusiasm. However, trigger point therapy is not always applicable; needling of non-tender areas is necessary and effective for many problems, particularly non-painful ones.

    A neutral terminology to describe needling of therapeutic zones is suggested. These “acupuncture treatment areas” will vary in size, and their effectiveness may depend on the accuracy with which they are defined and treated. The intention is to provide a purely descriptive, theory-neutral concept that will aid students to use forms of acupuncture based on many theories, without bewilderment.

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