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The clinical use of acupuncture in family medicine
  1. Steven Aung, Clinical Assistant Professor
  1. Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta, Medical Clinic: 9904 - 106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 1C4


    Acupuncture is indicated for a broad spectrum of painful and non-painful conditions. Medical acupuncture is the practice of therapeutic acupuncture by or under the direct supervision of a medical doctor. Integrated practice implies that the acupuncturist is fully trained and certified in both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Complementarity implies that the acupuncturist is a medical doctor who utilises this therapy in a competent, selective manner. Both models add to rather than detract from the practise of family medicine. Traditional Chinese concepts are discussed within the context of an integrated medical acupuncture practice in Canada.

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