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Role of acupuncture in alcohol dependence and abuse
  1. Hagen Rampes1,
  2. Stephen Pereira1
  1. 1
    Registrar in Psychiatry, Fairfield Hospital, Stotfold, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 4AA
  2. 2
    Registrar in Psychiatry, Faringdon Wing, Calnwood Road, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 ODZ


    The application of acupuncture to alcohol dependence and abuse is relatively novel and may be a useful adjunct to conventional treatment. This paper surveys some of the English literature on this subject. The main references that were noted in the literature are critically evaluated and methodological flaws highlighted. In view of the increasing interest in complementary medicine and the paucity of scientific information in this field, the need for further rigorous, controlled clinical trial is cogent

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